About the PPE Conference

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)* is one of the key factors in assuring safety at work by protecting the workers against a wide array of hazards ranging from thermal to chemical, biological and nuclear hazards. Innovation is important for improving comfort and performance of PPE products throughout their entire use and life cycle, creating added value to buyers and users.

The PPE market, representing close to € 10 billion, has been identified by the European Commission (EC) as one of six lead markets offering significant growth potential for innovative products and services at European and global scale. The EC has pledged to support the lead markets through targeted regulation and standardization, improved public procurement, intensified R&D efforts and other measures. PPE has also been highlighted as a priority in the Strategic Research Agenda of the European Technology Platforms for Textiles and Clothing as well as for Industrial Safety. Equipment of First Responders is also identified as a key area in the European Security Research and Innovation Forum.

*PPE is defined for the purpose of the conference as all personal equipment worn by the workers used to protect them against hazards and providing a safe working environment, and is wider than the legal definition. It addresses clothing as well as respiratory, hearing, eye, face, head, hand and foot protection.

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