Market Driven European Textile Research

In Europe, a number of esteemed institutions are working on the research of new textile materials for well-known markets as healthcare, hospitality and industry. Together with end users and textile (service) companies, future market demands are analyzed and solutions are initiated. The objectives of this meeting are to accelerate innovation processes by taking the next step in collaboration on a European scale and to come to agreements on research projects. Multiple Roadmap projects will be introduced and discussed within workshops and potential partners will be invited to participate in the follow up of these projects.

Textiles in a rapidly changing world
Prof. Warmoeskerken of Twente University will enlighten the audience with his vision on the technical horizon in the near future. The world changes rapidly in terms of changing societies, consumer lifestyle and demands, growing awareness for sustainability and new scientific and technological developments. These changes will definitely affect the future of textile and textile service businesses. Some possible scenarios will be discussed.

European Research Planning
Mr. D. Hendriks of Ten Cate will describe the projects meanwhile contributing to the field of textile research. Both national and international projects will be discussed.