Format - A high level of formal and informal interaction

As the objective of the PPE Conference is to set the agenda for policy development and innovation, the focus will be on a high level of formal and informal interaction. The conference shall provide a comprehensive state of play of policies and regulation, market trends and technologies.

Introducing the Lead Market Initiative and the leading sectors
The PPE Conference shall be opened by Mrs. Maria van der Hoeven, Minister of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands, who shall illustrate the conference in the Dutch national innovation agenda. This agenda links closely to the Lead Market Initiative - as launched by European Commissioner Günther Verheugen - that shall be presented at the conference. The opening session shall further be illustrated and framed for the leading sectors: civil security, industrial safety and health in service work.

Problem definition
Further problem definition shall be continued in parallel sessions for each of the three end-user segments. End-users are invited to present testimonials in these sessions. Contributions shall be evaluated in order to have a broad overview of segments and relevant issues. The state of the art and future prospects in technologies shall be illustrated in a plenary session and parallel sessions. Suppliers and research centers or projects are invited to present snap-shots of developments in a carrousel session. Contributions shall be evaluated against a technological road map.

Interactive sessions to set the agenda
Problem definition and technology prospects lead to interactive sections to define future challenges and define an agenda for actions. In these sessions regulation, normalisation, procurement, business models, funding for research and innovation shall be addressed. Specialists from each of these aspects are invited to contribute in focusing the debate.