About EFSM

The Engineering of Fibrous Smart Materials (EFSM) Foundation supports the research Chair at the University of Twente, The Netherlands. Our Foundation wants to support the industry in their need to develop a strong international position.

EFSM aims at strengthening the position of the industry by means of funding the Chair and by directing the long term research objectives of the Chair. Building and extending necessary knowledge and expertise and strengthening the European position of the Chair are important strategic objectives.

EFSM is an industry foundation coordinating as well as initiating research and innovation in engineered fibrous smart materials. Its work is rooted in the technology road maps of the carpet, textiles (MODINT) and textile care (FTN) industry associations and supported by major textile firms and suppliers to the textile industry. EFSM supports the chair of Textile Technology at the University Twente. In its research agenda it works together with the Knowledge Centre on Design and Technology at Saxion University, TNO Industrie and at the Open Innovation Centre on Advanced Materials. EFSM is also coordinating in roadmapping and dissemination events such as PPE conference in 2008 and the EFSM Working Party 4 times yearly.

Foundation EFSM
P.O. Box 10
4060 GA Ophemert
The Netherlands
tel.: +31 344 65 04 36
fax: +31 344 65 26 65