Our Mission

The Engineering of Fibrous Smart Materials Foundation wants to support the industry in their need to develop a strong international position. This requires high level understanding of materials and processes that can only be generated by fundamental research and education. This has provided the reason for the EFSM Foundation to create and maintain the textile research Chair at the University of Twente.

The textile industry in its broadest sense has a need for knowledge and well trained people at academic level. This involves two areas:

1. Processing knowledge
How to develop cost-efficient processes which give a higher added value to the material (textile and fibre industry) or preserve value (laundry, care and the professional textile service industry and subcontractors). Sustainability plays an ever increasing role in this area.

2. Material knowledge, functionality
Modification of properties of textile and other structured material to give particular functionalities. This area is more important and has a very large scope in the technical textile applications.

An important objective is dissemination of knowledge through the technology working group that is joined by all members of the Foundation.