Our Strategy

The strategy of the foundation is to strengthen the position of the industry by means of funding the Chair and by directing the long term research objectives of the Chair. The Chair executes pre-competitive research by means of projects for the benefit of the industry, with either single or multiple partners in projects. Building and extending necessary knowledge and expertise and strengthening the European position of the Chair are important strategic objectives.

The Chair
The Chair is partially funded by the industry and partially by the execution of projects and transfer of knowledge. In many cases the projects are subsidised for example by European institutions. Moreover the Chair carries out smaller projects for the industry on a bilateral basis, where the unique expertise of the Chair is exploited efficiently. Projects are executed by graduate students (MSc and PhD) and post-docs, and by the staff consisting of a professor and assistants. The Chair has a healthy financial basis through the successful acquisition of subsidised projects.

The Chair is active in many joint projects with universities and other institutes in Europe. There is also a strong cooperation with the Saxion Universities of Applied Sciences where a professor is active at so-called HBO level in promoting and supporting the Chair.

The Chair concentrates on the following areas:

Textile process knowledge
  • Process optimisation with ultrasound
  • Design of a durable process on the basis of enzymes and chemical catalysis
  • Hydrodynamics of textile materials for textile laundry and care

Functional materials
  • Incorporating slow-release systems in textile material
  • Surface modification of fibres by biopolymers
  • Surface engineering by application of nanotechnology.

The intention is that in the coming years the Chair will concentrate especially on developing specific functional fibres, materials and related processes.