Our Vision

Innovative textile companies must anticipate societal and technology developments in the area of environment and sustainability, scarcity of water and other raw materials, health, safety and security issues. Developments of smart and technical textiles are leading the industry towards new and hitherto unthinkable product market combinations. The markets of the textile and clothing industry are extremely dynamic due to fast changing customer demands and the enormous amount of possibilities to fulfil these demands, created a.o. by scientific research. These developments force the industry towards new business models where open innovation, and development co-operations in the form of research clusters are logical responses to these dynamic processes. The Dutch textile industry has responded to these developments decisively and plays an important role in Europe.

The industry not only serves the consumer market but also Business-to-Business markets. This is only possible if market demands are translated into research questions and if those research questions lead to knowledge and expertise that can be applied by the industry in new products and services. The Chair plays a vital role in this process. This know-how can only be created by fundamental research and understanding the principles that create possibilities for the industry to react properly to their markets. That is why the EFSM Foundation supports the Chair at the University of Twente.